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Naples Yacht Club is Currently Accepting Limited Reciprocal Reservations.
Lunch Only (Excluding FCYC)

Naples Yacht Club is a founding member of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs (FCYC).
One of the principal objectives of the Council is to promote reciprocity among the member clubs. To encourage reciprocity, Council clubs permit the first 24 hours free use of a boat slip to members of the other Council Clubs. We ask visiting Council Club members to please make reservations ahead of time by calling (239) 262-6648.

If you are traveling from outside the state of Florida and wish to visit Naples Yacht Club, please contact Brenda O'Connor, Executive Director of Membership, by phone at (239) 262-6648 or email at [email protected] (please allow 48 hours for reply) for information regarding reciprocal eligibility. Once it is determined that NYC is able to accommodate your request, it is asked that a letter from your club, on letterhead, be sent to the above email address. Reservations are required a minimum of 48 hours in advance.
NYC is able to accommodate lunch reservations only for our reciprocal guests (excluding FCYC).

Please note, some clubs use the reciprocity subscription service, Yachting Club of America (YCA) to determine eligibility. Naples Yacht Club does not use YCA for reciprocal consideration.

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